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Important English synonyms for competitive exams.

1. Aversion
Meaning- A strong dislike
Synonyms- Hostility, Hate, Loathing, Antipathy, Disinclination, Abhorrence, Disgust etc.

2. Forge
Meaning- Copy and
Synonyms- Fake, Dummy, Counterfeit, Imitate, Replicate, Bogus etc.

3. Culpability
Meaning- Responsibility for a fault or wrong
Synonyms- Blame, Guilt, Accountability, Liability, Answerability etc.

4. Pledge
Meaning- A solemn promise or undertaking
Synonyms- Promise, Vow, Oath, Commitment, Assurance, Bond, Guarantee etc.

5. Dismay
Meaning- Concern and distress caused by something unexpected
Synonyms- Alarm, Shock, Concern, Suprise, Anxiety, Upset, Disquiet, Trepidation etc.

6. Wilful
Meaning- Done consciously and intentionally.
Synonyms- Deliberate, Intended, Conscious, Knowing, Purposeful etc.

7. Confrontation
Meaning- The act of hostile groups opposing each other.
Synonyms- Clash, Conflict, Contest, Fight, Battle, Opposition, Face-off etc.

8. Usher
Meaning- take (someone) to their seats, as in theaters or auditoriums.
Synonyms- Attendant, Escort, Aide, Doorkeeper etc.

9. Remittance 
Meaning- A payment of money sent to a person in another place.
Synonyms- Payment, Money, Settlement, fee, Remission etc.

10. Strident
Meaning- Unpleasantly loud and harsh
Synonyms- Rough, Raucous, Grating, Rasping, Jarring, Shrill etc.

11. Brutality
Meaning - Great Cruelty
Synonyms- Savagery, Barbarism, Viciousness, Ferociousness etc.

12. Imperious
Meaning- Showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy
Synonyms- Disdainful, Haughty, Lordly, Sniffy, Overbearing etc.

13. Insurmountable
Meaning-Too great to be overcome.
Synonyms- Invincible, Insuperable, Unassailable, Overwhelming etc.

14. Sluggish
Meaning- Inactive
Synonyms- Slow, Lethargic, Dull, Sleepy, Torpid, Unenergetic etc.

15. Vigorous
Meaning - Strong and full of energy
Synonyms- Robust, fit, Healthy, Dynamic, Hardy etc. 

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