Noun Rule (ENGLISH)

2018-02-05 17:57:18

A Noun is used as the name of person, thing, place, idea, and quality of a person, a thing, and a place.
Kinds of Noun
1. Common Noun:- It is the name given in common to every person or a thing of the same kind. Ex:- boy, girl, book, etc.
2. Proper Noun:- It is the name given to some particular person, thing or place. Ex:- Sonia, Delhi, India, etc.
3. Collective Noun:- It is the name of a collection of persons and things treated and spoken together as a whole. Ex:- class, mob, fleet, etc.
4. Abstract Noun:- It is the name of a quality, idea, concept or state. Ex:- youth, death, beauty, etc.

Rules of Noun
Rule 1.
1. Uncountable Nouns are used in the singular form only.
2. The indefinite article is not used before them.
Some of the important Nouns of this kind are
Advice, information, hair, work, word, business, mischief, bread, scenery, abuse, vacation, luggage, alphabet, evidence, employment, machinery, poetry, food, furniture etc.
Ex:- He gave me information.
Rule 2.
1. There are some of the collective nouns which are used with plural verbs. Ex- cattle, gentry, peasantry, poultry, people, majority, folk, clergy, etc.
Ex:- Cattle are grazing in the field.
1. The nouns “ Committee, jury, house, ministry, family, mob, crowd, audience, police, team, number, board, staff, public “ are used with singular verbs when they are used as body or group and not as members.
Ex:- The committee are divided and there is bitterness among the members.
Rule 3.
Nouns having the same form in singular and plural.
Sheep, Series, deer, fish offspring, pan, etc.
Ex:- Sheep are economically useful.
Rule 4.
Some of the nouns (endings in ‘s’ or ‘es’) are used with a singular verb.1. Branches of learning.
Ex:- Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Politics, Statics, Statistics, Economics.
2.Games and sports.
Ex:- Billiards, Aquatics, Gymnastics, Athletics, etc.
3.Titles of books.
Ex:- War and Peace, Three Musketeers, etc.
4.Disease names.
Ex:- Mumps, Measles, Rickets, etc.
5.Descriptive names of countries.
Ex:- United States, United Arab Emirates, etc.
6.Some other nouns are
Ex:- Series, News, Summons, Innings, etc.
Rule 5.
Some of the nouns are generally used in the plural form with a plural verb.
1. Articles of dress.
Ex:- Jeans, Trousers, Breeches.2.Name of instruments.
2.Name of instruments.
Ex:- Scales, Scissors, Spectacles, Shears.
Rule 6.
Numeral + Noun + Noun
When a numeral is followed by two nouns the first noun is always singular.
Ex:- This is a five-year plan.
Ex:- I have a ten rupee note.
Rule 7.
Nouns before and after preposition are always singular.
Ex:- 1.Door to door. 2. Word for word. 3. Hour after hour
Rule 8.
A compound noun ( numerical + noun ) is not used in plural if a noun does the work of an adjective.
Ex:- 1.Ten-day tour. 2. A ten-mile race. 3. Five-foot long room
Rule 9.
Nouns that express fixed numerical values remain unchanged in form when preceded by a numeral
Ex:- Dozen, Pair, Score, etc.
Ex:- I have purchased three dozen apples.
Rule 10.
Use of Apostrophe with ‘s’
1. The use of the apostrophe with ‘s’ is not correct in the case of non-living things. It is restricted only to living things, time, weight, distance, amount or personified nouns.
Ex:- 1. Boy’s hand. 2. Time’s march. 3. Nature’s laws.
2.With compound nouns, apostrophe with ‘s’ should be added only to the last word.
Ex:- 1. Mother-in-law’s behaviour. 2. Maid-servant’s absence.
3.Possessive case is indicated by apostrophe without ‘s’ after Plural nouns or words ending with ‘s’.
Ex:- 1. Kalidas’ works. 2. Girls’ Hostel. 3. John Keats’ poems.

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