English Synonyms Part I

2018-02-21 14:33:18

Important English synonyms for competitive exams.

1. Assault
Meaning- physical attack on.
Synonyms- Hit, Strike, Slap, Beat, Spank, Thwack etc.

2. Snub
Meaning- An act of rebuffing or ignoring someone
Synonyms- Insult, Slight, Affront, Spurn Humiliate etc.

3. Provocative
Meaning- Causing anger or another strong reaction.
Synonyms- Irritating, Annoying, Provoking, Maddening etc.

4. Ludicrous
Meaning- So foolish
Synonyms- Absurd, Ridiculous, Farcical, Risible, Inane, Silly, Stupid etc.

5. Plenary
Meaning- Full in all aspects
Synonyms- Unconditional, Unlimited, Unqualified, Absolute, Sweeping etc.

6. Souvenir
Meaning- A thing that is kept as a reminder of a person or event.
Synonyms- Keepsake, Reminder, Memento, Relic etc.

7. Incumbent
Meaning- Necessary for as a duty or responsibility
Synonyms- Mandatory, Compulsory, Binding, Obligatory, Imperative, Essential etc.

8. Emulate
Meaning- Match or surpass typically by imitation.
Synonyms- Copy, Reproduce, Mimic, Follow, Imitate etc.

9. Combat
Meaning - Fought between two military forces
Synonyms- War, Battle, Bloodshed, Scrap etc.

10. Impede
Meaning - Block passage through
Synonyms- Hinder, Obstruct, Block, Close up, Jam, Occlude, Handicap etc.

11. Foster
Meaning- Encourage the development of something desirable
Synonyms- Promote, Further, Encourage, Enrich, Aid, Assist etc.

12. Eager
Meaning- Having or showing keen interest
Synonyms- Keen, Enthusiastic, Avid, Fervent, Passionate, Zealous, Ardent etc.

13. Serene
Meaning- Peaceful
Synonyms- Calm, Cool, Composed, Pacific, Tranquil, Self-possessed etc.

14. Lethal
Meaning- Sufficient to cause death
Synonyms- Deadly, Fatal, Harmful, malignant, Mortal etc.

15. Wrath
Meaning- Extreme Anger
Synonyms- Fury, Rage, Outrage, Annoyance, Indignation etc.

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